Posted by: drgeophysics | July 9, 2009

We are now tipped.

Trends in winter ice thickness

Trends in winter ice thickness

By most models, we are at, rapidly approaching, or have passed the point of no return, with respect to transitioning the global climate from interglacial to hot-house Earth. The latest results come from NASA and have recently been scientifically published in peer-reviewed journals. These stories are gravely concerning:

Arctic Ocean’s Ice Layer Thins ‘Dramatically,’ Study Concludes

Check out all the NASA images here. It’s not for the weak of heart, this is serious business.

There are a variety of feed-backs that have now engaged to rapidly move climate to a different state. It’s not clear what the results will be, but they are very serious. During recorded history we have never faced anything like this.

There is really no doubt that the earth system is moving to a radically different climatic state, with respect to the experience of our species.  One of the most sobering reports was recently published here.

Climate models predict weather intensification and variation in rainfall and temperature patterns. Australia is on the cutting edge of both of these trends. CSIRO has extensively studied possible variation in climate of this region and the largest problems are predictions of decreased rainfall, and higher rates of soil water evaporation. You can get a sense of the problem by looking at this BBC report of a recent dust storm in Sydney.

Australia has moved quickly, partially in response to the desire to remain carbon neutral with an economy based upon coal and mineral mining. Here are some recent political developments, Australia signs the Kyoto protocol, new climate target, Australia’s warm record winter a new record.



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