Posted by: drgeophysics | April 20, 2015

Earthquake information on the web.

To help you find immediate information about earthquakes please find some sites I check routinely.

Map of seismographs in the US.

Earthquakes observed in the last two weeks (IRIS site).

Select a seismic station and view seismograph data for last 48 hours.

Determine the seismographs closest to your site using this handy table.  They using the Station name examine the earthquake records directly using their station name.  This is the tables of all sites, including the states located within.

Examine latest 24 hour vertical seismograph data (the up and down earth motion of the seismograph) for every Transportable array seismograph.

USGS 1 Day, Magnitude 2.5+ Worldwide earthquake list and data.

Earthquake instant notification service (computer and text messages from USGS).

USGS Earthquake related products and services.

USGS PAGER service.

GFZ (German) map of global seismicity.  Does not include smaller events in North America that are seen in the USGS and IRIS sites.

List of recent earthquakes from GFZ (German).

Does not include smaller events in North America that are seen in the USGS and IRIS sites.

Seismograph not close enough?  Need one closer?  How about working with IRIS and a local school to install one!

 That would give you a local seismograph right in your neighborhood and inspire kids to look at tiny wiggles; like true geophysicists!  What could possibly be more inspiring?
This link describes the atmospheric sensors useful in detecting air shocks.  Please note that there is another post on this site just looking at nuclear monitoring using atmospheric data.  The link below describes the hardware added to some seismographs to detect airshocks.

There is a lot of information out there a function of the faster than exponential technological change we live within.  Good luck!  Enjoy the spring.


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