Posted by: drgeophysics | February 23, 2015

Geophysical (reflection seismic) and Well Log data available

new-1Does anyone still use “the net” any more when describing the Internet?  You can learn about the terminology here in a short piece that describes the difference between the Internet and WWW.

In my recent review of seismic and well logs I’ve been on the look out for reflection seismic and digital well log data.  I’ve been surprised to actually find some on the web.  Please note that there are excellent resources one can purchase on DVD from which research groups as CREWES from the SEG.  Personally I am grateful for such resources being shared.

In addition there are numerous sites on the web one can find decently documented datasets.  Some are listed below.

There are a variety of portals that provide well log (in .las format) and seismic data a few are listed below.

NL Olie-en Gasportaal  is excellent for wireline log datasets and located here.

OpendTect has an excellent “Share Seismic Data” site.  You can find this resource here.

The IODP (International Ocean Discovery Program” Log Database can be found here.

The IODP main site is located here.

I have personally found the seismic data much more challenging to actually locate.  The Marine Geoscience Data System for the IEDA can be found here.  Good luck.  Please feel free to post any other sites in the comments.


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