Posted by: drgeophysics | September 12, 2013

Resources useful when discussing energy

People have been using oil for a long time.

People have been using oil for a long time.

These links are useful in discussing hydrocarbon based energy.  If you know of additional links please let me know in the comments.  These are focused in hydrocarbon energy.  Other links at this site look at geothermal resources.

BP Energy Outlook 2030.  Be sure to get the .pptx and database files.  Report is available in English, Chinese and Russian languages at this URL.  The database files are very interesting and fun to look at in more detail.  Here is the Energy Outlook 2030 link.

BP 2012 in Review.  This has fantastic sources files with production data for individual countries.  Be sure to check the report and .pptx file. To download the datasets, select the Downloads option on the left, or follow this link.   Here is the 2012 in Review link.

The United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) site is useful for presentation materials.   This link goes to the total energy Data site, very useful to download data tables.

The EIA site has a very useful listing of countries, including a interactive global map.  This is great for reviewing energy related details of a particular country.

The International Energy Agency has excellent materials at their web site.  These include their 2012 Key World Energy Statistics found at this link,

Shell Energy Scenarios to 2050 can be found at this link.  There are English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, Spanish and Russian versions of the scenario reports available for download.

The Outlook for Energy to 2040 ExxonMobil site can be found at this link.  

The ExxonMobil Energy Outlook view to 2040 Data Center link can be found here.  There are interesting data tables and .pptx files to review.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) Energy Resources Program, World Petroleum Assessment can be found at this link.  

USGS World Geological Maps (including all of their hydrocarbon assessment DVDs with ArcGIS geodatabases) can be found at this link.

Have fun and enjoy these!


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