Posted by: drgeophysics | August 9, 2012

Trillions offshore, Fed Gold Audit and massive corruption, nothing to see here move along.


I have been following some of the very major financial news pieces lately.  Twenty years ago, any of these would have burned the institutions involved to the ground, but today such events seem unending and out of control.  Like someone watching a giant forest fire and for a moment focusing on this tree or that tree in the chaos of the fire storm, here are a few of the financial scandals in no particular order.

Money laundering in the South Pacific and New Zealand?  You betcha: Here is a brief piece.

Here is a piece about a four year investigation into silver manipulation price manipulation that will fail(?), with a discussion of Financial Times article that broke the story, and the Fed Gold audit.

Trillions hidden far far offshore; you betcha: how many trillions?  Enjoy this:

How about $250 billion (that is billion–with a b) in illegal offshore financial transactions?  Nothing to see here people; still interested (me too):  Here is the link.   A story about the recently awakened UK/US response (prepare to be underwhelmed) can be found here.

Last but not least, the anchor of the financial world, Libor, turns out to be a cartel run, organized fraud.  Spiegel’s story can be found here.  Libor is explained here by Wiki.

Wow: Are we having fun yet?


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