Posted by: drgeophysics | April 7, 2012

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder–> Case Solved?

One of our best friends in the insect world.

I have been troubled by the Bee Colony Collapse that started some years ago.  I watch bees here myself and for a while allowed a colony to live in a corner of an outer wall of my house.  It was fun to watch each year the colony divide and a bee-ball set out to points unknown. Bees are wonderful and fascinating insects.  The noises that came from that corner of the house were fun also.  There has been intense scientific investigation into Bee Colony Collapse Disorder and it looks like significant progress has finally been made.     It seems that there is a clear understanding about what has happened to some colonies of these fascinating and important insects.

Recently researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have re created Colony Collapse Disorder and it’s linked to what had earlier been suspected, pesticides and the choice of “feeding” bees with high-fructose corn syrup in operations during which they are moved from location to location.

One of the best reports of this new understanding is from, where else?, the Sacramento Bee, in California.   Sacramento is right in the middle of an agricultural region that would not exist without bees.   Update: Their article appears to have disappeared from their web site entirely!  It was excellent in that this well written article showed the real dynamic between the Bee keepers, the EPA, and the insecticide industry.   I tried searching their site and came up with nothing, not sure what happened.

This is what science is all about.   To learn more about bees, check the excellent wiki.



  1. Link above for the sacbee report seems to be broken

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