Posted by: drgeophysics | January 4, 2012

Deep history–BBC comes through again with mind expanding programming.

Do you enjoy history?  Have you seen ancient sites and artifacts?  Do you enjoy museums? Me too; I love history.

I recently watched the four-hour BBC series “A History of Ancient Britain”.  It was amazing and expanded my mind.  I had seen a variety of artifacts around the world and have been struck by the humanity of them.  I have in my hand now a worked piece of stone, it is so ancient, so carefully made, so sharp of edge and easy to hold.  Like a stone extension of my hand, a human made tearing claw.

Who were these ancient people who carefully created such things? They were us, each artifact, each ancient place has something to say to us, about ourselves, our history, and our future.  Those who lose their ancestors and their history lose themselves.  I hope you honor those who walked before, including your ancestors who lived in ancient and deep time.

Here are the programs, I recommend watching them all.  Enjoy!

If you enjoy history, you have probably very much enjoyed these.  Now let’s follow the same man as he describes what is happening when this area moves from “pre history” the Bronze and Iron ages and the Celts to the beginning of the truly historical period, the Roman period, in Britain.

These are great, enjoy!

This takes us to the collapse of Roman government in Britain.  What happened then?  The BBC has you covered, but we shift to another scientist walking us through the ancient sites.   It’s a wonderful and surprisingly unexpected series of events beautifully described.

This leads to my thinking we need more history about Scotland.  Nick has us covered with his six part “A history of Scotland” BBC series.  I found complete episodes shown by the links below,

I cannot find the youtube links to complete episode 6 for this series.  If you find it, feel free to post a comment.

The Internet is an amazing and wonderful thing.


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