Posted by: drgeophysics | November 20, 2011

Occupy LA Teach-In William K Black–watch it twice and check the links.

Ever been to Orange County, California?  It’s a wild place.  Lots of terrible and criminal ideas start here.

This link came from a friend and was amazing.  William K. Black is a distinguished individual and he doesn’t pull back on any punches.  It is clear that the overhang from the Financial Depression will last at least another five years.  That is a decade of pain after an amazing number of, mostly unpunished, financial crimes.  The state AGs have been mostly unsuccessful and at the federal level almost nothing has been done to call those criminals to answer for their actions.

There is a different way.  Here is William K. Black at the Occupy LA Teach-in explaining the whole mess.  His knowledge of financial fraud has not gone down the collective memory hole.  Watch it.  This is worth thinking carefully about and watching a second time.

You can learn about the way the world works by carefully listening this.  It all really got rolling with Reagan.  An amazing speech.  Want more?  Read this article he wrote about the financial crisis.

His web site can be found here.   If you get a chance, read his book “The Best Way to Rob a Bank”.


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