Posted by: drgeophysics | November 3, 2011

Happy birthday 7 billionth Human Being–watch the clock

According to the US Census Bureau, as of 18:27 UTC Nov 3, 2011, there are 6,972,600,139 people on Planet Earth.  Watch the World Population Clock here.

Oh wait, at 18:29 UTC, there are 6,972,600,403 people on Planet Earth.

This is an important event.  The concepts of Peak Water and Peak Oil are strongly linked to global population increase.  This is a truly monumental event.

As usual Wiki has some of the important answers.  Refer to this page.

Oh oh, at 18:32 UTC, there are 6,972,600,828 people on Planet Earth.

World 6,976,159,630 — 15:02 UTC Nov 20, 2011
World 6,976,470,519 — 02:22 UTC  Nov 22, 2011
World 6,982,083,488 — 16:22 UTC  Dec 18, 2011
World 6,985,549,604 — 02:20 UTC  Jan 04, 2012

Enjoy the 7 billionth birthday-day.


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