Posted by: drgeophysics | August 26, 2011

Double FEATURE: Quality lectures on youtube about our future and the Long Emergency

Youtube vid 1:

Jim Kunstler–TED lecture.  Long Emergency.

Jim has an unusual mix of views. I respect his intelligence.  Worth thinking about although he gets some of it wrong.

The certainty of the Long Emergency is beyond question.

Youtube vid 2 (in eight parts):

An estimate of what we are facing in our future. Perhaps a little over the top, but here are all eight parts.  I try to avoid things in general with CAPS IN THE TITLE, but when you get 3 million hits, why not USE THE CAP KEY ONCE IN A WHILE?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

These topics are significant, hang in there and watch all 8 parts.  The issues are important and the presenter makes an attempt to give the listener the thinking skills needed to process and understand information.

Think these viewpoints will be reported in the media?  We have already been promised “magical $2 per gallon” gasoline by one of the political hacks.  What a joke.

The media guidelines are: 1) Ignorance rules and 2)Wait until the catastrophe, it results in better sales of useless junk during the commercial breaks.  Also, when things are really bad roll out the “who could have possibly known” throw away line and end the fact-free television segment with a heart warming moment.


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