Posted by: drgeophysics | April 18, 2011

Sleeping air traffic controls–thank Reagan and Bush W.

For anyone with a memory, the recent safety lapses in air traffic control in the United State are simply a result of the party that “knows the cost of almost everything and the value of nothing”.    This is not totally true in that the republicons don’t seem to know the cost of tax cuts to the richest.    This party also knows the value of taking money from the richest people and corporations, such is the failure of simple slogans.

Regarding the air traffic policy and the mess that goes back to Reagan (with an amazingly stupid policy of Bush W., check the link below, it’s all there):

Here are the details.

As the United States races to the bottom such blow back from extremely poor policies will become more common.  Two large policy failure areas are energy (enjoy driving your SUV to the poor house) and climate (extreme weather as entertainment).    I won’t bore you with planes falling apart during flight because of inspection failures, more of those in our future also.

Happy travels.


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