Posted by: drgeophysics | April 4, 2011

Happy Day of Geologist – 2011

The Day of Geologist was founded originally in commemoration of the merits of the Soviet Geologists in their building a mineral base of the USSR. By an official Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR dated March, 31st, 1966, the Day of Geologist was officially put on Soviet calenders. Yurha. It is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of April throughout the civilized world.

To all geologists, loving and gentle,
Whose clothes are baggy and who dressed very neatly.
To all very young ones and very mature,
Who are hiking peninsulas, mountains, and islands,
Avoiding tsunami and looking for landslides.
Geologists very romantic (there are no others).
(Translation from the Russian poem)

A personal toast :
From Dr. Geophysics

“Dear friends, let us drink a few drops.
May the geologists, working far from home,

in the wildernesses and the most remote regions of our restless planet,

soaked by rain, frozen by snow, yet warmed with friendship,

safely return home to their loved ones”


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