Posted by: drgeophysics | February 15, 2011

In Houston this week, tee vee has become very stupid.

I’m in Houston and enjoying geophysics  greatly.  Unfortunately I have
a teevee (television) in my hotel room with about a million channels on it.
Are all news channels retarded now?  If I see Ron Paul again I’ll
puke.  The talking heads are collectively total morons, when did this
all happen?

My god, it’s unreal.  At home I don’t get any of these channels but
see little blips of them on web sites.  The full exposure is
brain damaging and relentless.

Walking to the corporate place,  I cross a
13 lane freeway.   I often stop on the middle
and just watch the cars.  Our total dependence on hydrocarbons, with
no plan B, C, or D comes through loud and clear.

I recently found and enjoyed reading this blog.  Good luck with the quiz.


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