Posted by: drgeophysics | February 7, 2011

Fracking seismicity and water related issues

Magnitude 4.0 earthquake in Ohio linked to water injection wells.  Reported in NYT.

Here is the link.

Here is a detailed link.

Seismicity in Ohio, related to injection well in American Geophysical Union presentation.  Reported in NYT.

Here is the link. 

EPA Wyoming water study, as reported by the NYT.

Here is the link.

Seismicity in Blackpool, UK, as reported by the New Scientist.

Here is the link.

Seismicity in Oklahoma, as reported by Reuters.

Here is the link.

More information about Oklahoma.

Here is the link.

This was recently reported in the NY Times in Arkansas.

Here is the link.

An earlier blog related to a hydrothermal project in Northern California delayed by induced seismic events concerns can be found here.

Another link related to these events, although I believe produced water reinjection is more likely to explain these small seismic event in Texas is found here.

Background material relevant to this type of seismicity.

Description of Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Rocky Flats).

Induced seismicity (wiki).

Earthquakes triggered by Dams.

Marcellus Shale description from

Utica Shale description from


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