Posted by: drgeophysics | January 18, 2011

Tragedy in Arizona.

I was very sad to hear about the political violence in Arizona.  Given the combination of insanely violent talk, easily obtainable military type guns, and the almost endless talk of violence, it was expected and will continue.

I hope that all those who died will be remembered at their best.  Supporting a dynamic young congresswoman and working for a better country.  The death of the young girl is especially sad.  As I know, even the strongest are reduced to tears at the death of an innocent child.  This is universal.

Digby discusses everything, and with a large net, casts for the important changes in our national landscape.  Please read this.

The outraged clown patrol (sick politicos + corporate media) tries to leverage the tragedy towards a red neck agenda: Pathetic theater.  Kos has it all together.

Having some interaction with the Secret Service, it’s clear that their psychological studies are obviously relevant.  Here is the Wired report. Here is the secret service web site and a peer-reviewed publication Firedoglake has an excellent article.

As the head of this unit of the government, I cannot imagine skipping this tearful memorial service, attended by more than 14,000 people,  to attend a fund raising cocktail party, but I have a conscience.

Tragedy on this scale must be carefully thought about and deeply meditated.  Remember her and remember them.

Nothing is forgotten, no one is forgotten.


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