Posted by: drgeophysics | October 26, 2010

America–the new Russian-style virtual democracy. Pay to play.

I just caught up with The Exiled.  There are a couple of interesting new posts at this interesting site.

Check this link talking about the billionaire purchased election we are preparing to experience.  After two stolen elections by W and his neo-con friends the lid has come off any restraint.  In this region of the country there are 24 X 7 X all channels attack ads funded by foreign companies and billionaires on the local tv.  It is pathetic.

Check this link and watch the youtube videos. Excellent.  I’ve also heard the book is an important one.

Can’t get enough?   I had heard of this type of waster and corruption in Iraq, but even I was shocked reading this first-person account of a faculty at a Iraq conservative “university” into which millions were poured by W and his neocon friends.  I’ve wandered into really ugly Americans overseas before.  They are a cynical and dangerous type, really bottom of the barrel.   Check this article, it is amazing.

So why is this happening now?  Two reasons I think.  Firstly, I’m convinced that the business people have declared war on government jobs for one simple reason.  They still have retirement, health insurance, and benefits associated with them.  They represent everything the neocons have been so successful in destroying for the average American worker.  They remind workers of what is possible, here in this country, with a more sane and fair system, in contrast to the anti-universe put in place now.

The second reason is that it is clear that the gross financial, business, and foreign policy criminality of the W/neocon/Republican administration will really hit the fan in the next year.  If the Democrats can maintain control this will probably mean actual congressional investigations and, are you sitting down(?), criminal prosecutions.

The scale of corruption is unbelievable and points directly at the Republican party at both the state and federal level.  Real investigations and prosecutions would destroy the “party of business” and they know it.  It would be gone, even to Joe or Jane Anyone in central-red-state America.

Hence there are literally two billion dollars (!) pouring into mid-term elections.  Happily the utterly corrupt Supreme Court set this all up.

After reading this you might check the first link a second time, unbelievable where we are at eh?

Enjoy voting on Tuesday, I will.

By the way to finish with the Russian-style democracy we now live in.  There has been a mysterious series of deaths linked to the obvious voter fraud linked to electronic voting machines and the neocons.    Amy Goodman covered this in detail in 2008.  Please watch the video and then read the transcript. No one was ever held responsible for this obvious fraud.  I have noticed that this “11 point” gap has appeared in multiple states when exit polls are compared with the computer voting machines totals.  There is obviously wide-spread and illegal activities going on.

Don’t worry, the same state-level AGs who are so useless and ignoring wide spread bankster fraud and obvious corruption,  are (not) on the job.


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