Posted by: drgeophysics | October 10, 2010

Here comes the cliff–be sure to vote in November, it’s important


Amsterdam, The Netherlands



I have been on travel for a while but now have time to blog again.  In The Netherlands and Sweden there is a slow velocity movement to the right, which has taken hold of government at the national level.   It was surprising the number of times about people “not learning Dutch” came up in geophysical conversations.    The country is moving to the right, you can feel it. The far right politicos are combining an intense hatred for the non-dutch with promises of governmental handouts and programs.  It is an unusual situation there, playing out in odd ways.  It was off my radar until I visited.

The global financial system, which was weakened by the neocons at both national and IMF levels is falling apart.  I met one colleague from Iceland and if you want to hear what the “banksters” can do to a country check Iceland and Ireland.  Find someone living in those countries and talk to them.

Well how bad can this all be here.  I just read that the recession ended.  Check the graphic below, larger than usual like the mess we are collectively in.

This is not good.

The year to fear is 2012



Here in the United States it’s clear that we are headed off The Cliff economically.  As usual the best graphic comes from one of the best web sites on the planet for economic data. Here is the story from CalculatedRisk. Paul Krugman was right, the stimulus was a fraction of what was needed.   In my own organizational planning we are referring to 2012 as the real cliff.  It does not look good.


As is obvious around here, the economy is broken.  The state government is in the gutter and city basic services are coming undone.  The idea that we would defund government by transferring billions to the richest and corporations has now broken revenue generation at the federal, state, country and city levels.  Perhaps spending $150 million a pop of public funds for football, baseball and hockey stadiums was, how would one put this, stupid?

As billions of special interest funds pour into the various local political races it reminds me of The Netherlands.  What exactly is the message here?  A clear example is always helpful.  The race in California for senator and governor puts it all in perspective.

This is probably one of the most important elections in my lifetime.  I cannot believe that anyone would vote for the people who have destroyed the national and global economy.  But given the flood of money and constant mindless attack ads who knows what will happen.  In this area everyone of these attack ads from the CofC or some other billionaire funded group focuses on essentially nothing.  The attack ads running on the radio and teevee around here are contentless collections of childish graphics, concerned feminine voice overs and collective stupidity.    Individually and nationally aren’t we much, much better than this?

I rather look forward to voting in November.


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