Posted by: drgeophysics | September 12, 2010

Am American Hero: RIP.

In my generation the change in race relations is the thing I notice the most.  While still very much in flux, I am proud of our country when I see evidence of this profoundly important change in thinking.  I cannot express the degree of racism and hatred I remember from an earlier, more base time.  These thoughts are personally revolting to me, may this sick culture of inequality and hatred never return.

Recently a tremendously brave man passed away.  This NY Times piece describes this hero and his dangerous time. Note that is was Harry Truman who had the courage to force integration onto the U.S. military (which had strongly opposed it).  The results of Truman’s decision lead directly to (or all places) Littlerock Ark and a group of children who stood firm and united and changed the entire country.

One, or a few people, at the right spot, at the right time, working in a united fashion for good, can change everything for the better.


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