Posted by: drgeophysics | August 15, 2010

Change is the only constant.

Dr. James E.  Hansen has recently published some interpretations and observations relevant to global climate change.  Here is the abbreviated PDF with figures.

Here is Dr. Hansen’s Columbia University web site.

The New York Times also senses a story and nicely writes one. Here is their story regarding this topic.

This book chapter nicely explains climates of the earth and has amazing photos and illustrations. I enjoyed reading this and enjoyed the USGS photos.

We are clearly now in a transitional period with respect to climate.  I expect the clathrate gun to go off in this century.  Discussion will be pointless after that.

It’s interesting that generally people understand the idea of a financial deficit, accumulated debt put off to another day (which someone will be responsible for settling),  but not the idea that accumulated environmental pollution, whether in the atmosphere or hydrosphere, are also very serious societal issues.

The jingle “dilution is the solution to pollution” has certainly been successful guiding previous policy.   However, reality bites.

Facing all this will require a lot, from everyone.  The greatest generation had what it took, we will too.

Here is a link summarizing the ideals that where learned the hard way.


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