Posted by: drgeophysics | July 14, 2010

California dumps Official State Rock–omg–these people are so dumb.

In case you are wondering why our country is where it is at, here is something that is so dumb I cannot believe it.

Geologists admire rocks because of their landscape and economic values.  If you have studied the earth sciences you quickly end up spending months “in the field” and working in nature.  You quickly develop a love of landscape and it’s rich beauty.  A case in point are the foothills and mountains of California.  As a young man I worked for the USGS and worked extensively in northern California and along the coastal mountains of that state.

The beauty is amazing, often because of a complex and interesting rock called “serpentine”, which as the name suggests, has a beautiful and unusual green color and texture.  Mount Diablo in the bay area is a nice example. You can find it everywhere in coastal California (from the foothills to the bay, north to south along the coast to the Sierra Nevada).  Wisely it was determined to be the state rock for California, when there were still a few intelligent people associated with government in that state.

A politico, who apparently is too busy ignoring important issues, has introduced a bill in the dysfunctional California political circus, to eliminate the “official state rock”.  What a moron, can’t these people focus on anything important?  The stupidity factor is off scale with this story.

Here is the NYTimes link.


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