Posted by: drgeophysics | June 6, 2010

Guess who is testing for toxics on water glasses?

Well the bottom line is that an unnamed citizen scientist with a thermo electron nitron gun (XRF) discovered that the latest junk McDonalds is selling was a source of the toxic metal cadmium.  The manufacturing company (guess where?), McDonalds, the federal government, and all state, local, and city governments (in the entire US!) failed to detect this toxic metal on millions of glasses.

“Cadmium is a heavy metal used in consumer products such as batteries, pigments and coatings/platings. It is a known carcinogen and shown to cause developmental problems in small children. Long-term exposure can cause bone softening and kidney failure.”

To repeat: Guess who is testing water glasses (being sold by the millions) for toxic metals and taking action when dangerous amounts of toxic metals are found?

The Happy-Clown-Junk-Food company selling them (the ads are running now where I live; maybe in your town also, run down and get some  if you don’t have enough cadmium in your kitchen)?—> No!

The manufacturing company making them for the Happy-Clown-Junk-Food company?—>No!

Any part of the government of the country importing millions of them into their homes?—> No!

Citizen scientist –> Yes!

The recent determination of toxic metals on the drinking classes was discovered by a citizen in California. This individual then contacted their (Democratic congresswoman; Rep. Jackie Speier D-CA) overnighted the tested glasses and the detailed analysis to her. She took immediate action.

Results–millions of homes that would have had toxic metals in the hands of children are notified.

I am shocked that the companies involved were so insanely irresponsible.  Want to guess what the fine will be (hint, $0.000).

How does this fit into the Neocon universe?

No problem, if enough people had died something might have been done by someone at sometime (but not the government, because there is nothing more scary than someone saying “I’m from the federal government and I’m here to help“).

What a sick philosophy, let people die rather than have a workable federal government, unbelievable.

This can only happen once, right?  Guess what, this same company has been making glasses for McDonalds for 15 years! Yeah–the toxic glasses had passed “federal guidelines for cadmium by an approved lab” according to the Happy-Clown-Junk-Food company.

Let’s hear from a sane and responsible person:

“Our children’s health should not depend on the consciences of anonymous sources,” Congresswoman Speier said in a statement Friday. “Although McDonald’s did the right thing by recalling these products, we need stronger testing standards to ensure that all children’s products are proven safe before they hit the shelves.”

Can you imagine what would have happened in the Gulf of Mexico if the President hadn’t demanded immediate action from BP?

In my opinion, the amount of toxic metal pollution has probably increased by at least a factor of five over the last 20 years.  Much is related to particulates (including super fine grained materials that are not regulated), but much through sources such as these glasses.   There are blog entries on this site that track water and air quality issues.  They are not easy to read, but all important. What is happening is that toxic substances, in relatively small amounts, are being mixed in humans.  No one knows that the result is, but this test for Autism is interestingNote the variation in gut bacteria, this is a new observation.

This is worth reading, but edgy.  The painting on the bottom is a classic.  As a nation we are better than those evil and backwards hate filled emotions written on the walls.  We walk with those who need protection and safety.

Also, you probably followed the story of Kellogg recalling 28 million boxes of junk-food, ah I mean breakfast yum-yum, and didn’t know why.

In a Washington Post article titled, US regulators lack data on health risks of hundreds of thousands of commonly used chemicals,  we learn that the EPA has no idea what is happening and that there is a clear conflict of interest in that manufacturers actually discover a chemical is hazardous they are required to report it, in contrast to the case where they are ignorant of the danger and everything is fine.

Health regulations written with tombstones.

Here are some quotes from the article.

“Acute exposure of humans to naphthalene by inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact is associated with hemolytic anemia, damage to the liver, and, in infants, neurological damage.  Symptoms of acute exposure include headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, malaise, confusion, anemia, jaundice, convulsions, and coma.”

According to the Washington Post article:

Because the FDA does not know anything about the toxicity of 2-methylnaphthalene, the agency set its limit based on what it knows about the toxic effects of similar chemicals, Michael Cheeseman (of the FDA’s Office of Food Safety) said.

He added that the FDA does not know what caused the Kellogg contamination, how much 2-methylnaphthalene might have migrated into the cereals or if it was the only contaminant. The agency did not perform its own tests on the cereals.”


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