Posted by: drgeophysics | May 23, 2010

Animated journel through 800,000 years of the Earth’s climate.

This is an excellent 2:30 minute video from the BBC describing the facts observed related to global climate change.

In contrast to the information discussed in the short video piece, a group of business and politically driven crack pots descended to denounce climate change science in the Windy City.  What happened was not what they had hoped for.

There have been similar “events” to oppose plate tectonics, Einstein’s theory of relativity, evolution, and other scientifically proven facts, but they have all been forgotten, as have the fools who attended them.  Unfortunately, the reality of weather intensification and species extinction will quickly overtake these wacko airbags.   Here is a web site that looks at psuedo science in some detail. Real science is an exciting and thrilling activity to be associated with.

First rate science saved the world from stratosphere  ozone destruction when combined with sane and reasoned international cooperation in the form of the Montreal Protocol.  This is moving quickly in the regulation side.   Cap and Trade appear to be an unintelligent approach.  I agree with this blog on the subject.

A breath taking advanced in science occurred recently and was published  in Science: The first synthetic living cell. This is a very, very big deal and I’m thrilled at the possibilities.  As the first splitting of the atom and unification of electromagnetics in Maxwell’s Equations lead to our modern world, I expect a similar advance in human knowledge and technology.  How exciting!


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