Posted by: drgeophysics | April 2, 2010

Final answer from CRU Inquiry Report: No case for Climategate.

Churchill celebrates a thorough inquiry and it's conclusions

From the Science and Technology Committee; surprise Climategate was entirely a fake event (hope you were sitting down when you read that).


The Science and Technology Committee today publishes its report on the disclosure of climate data from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia. The Committee calls for the climate science community to become more transparent by publishing raw data and detailed methodologies.

Phil Willis MP, Committee Chair, said:

“Climate science is a matter of global importance. On the basis of the science, governments across the world will be spending trillions of pounds on climate change mitigation. The quality of the science therefore has to be irreproachable. What this inquiry revealed was that climate scientists need to take steps to make available all the data that support their work and full methodological workings, including their computer codes. Had both been available, many of the problems at CRU could have been avoided.”

The focus on Professor Jones and CRU has been largely misplaced. On the accusations relating to Professor Jones’s refusal to share raw data and computer codes, the Committee considers that his actions were in line with common practice in the climate science community but that those practices need to change.

On the much cited phrases in the leaked e-mails—”trick” and “hiding the decline”—the Committee considers that they were colloquial terms used in private e-mails and the balance of evidence is that they were not part of a systematic attempt to mislead.

Insofar as the Committee was able to consider accusations of dishonesty against CRU, the Committee considers that there is no case to answer.”

Here is the link to the Parliament Committee site, with links to their report.

Tired of reading about endtimes? Can’t get enough of science conspiracy theories? Need another fix?  Relive the past: 20 years ago these same people who were funding the sham Climategate were publishing (at their own expense for the same reasons) forgotten classics of stupidity like “Acid Rain: Headline or Hoax?”  Here is a link to an overview of the players paying for/benefiting from/and pushing this nonsense.

No one in our corporate owned media echo chamber  has been interested in identifying the hackers and crooks who broke into computer systems and offices.  How surprising.  Hope you were sitting down when you read that.

If you are presenting technical information you should carefully read this LA Times editorial.

No ideas/but in things.” William Carlos Williams,  “A Sort of a Song”


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