Posted by: drgeophysics | March 29, 2010

Wow, this is crazy stuff.

Watch ’em all.  The reporter is fearless and does an important job.

Oy.  Mankind’s step children: Want and Ignorance, fear Ignorance above all else.

This all happened before.  Before the conservative party ended with the Great Depression there were numerous demonstrations like this throughout the United States.

FDR was not listening to these fools, he went another way and our country became something better.   I encourage you to watch this entire piece.

Another piece describing the Red Tails:

The ME262 was an unbelievable aircraft; it might have broken the sound barrier in 1945.

This piece by the History Channel is amazing.  The cool modesty of the pilot shows what the Greatest Generation was all about.  Using the powerful engine torque of the P51 to roll the plane near stall was an ace’s trick.  These men were first-rate.


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