Posted by: drgeophysics | March 21, 2010

A slow motion train wreak.

What about the water resources under the test site?

Yucca Flat Nuclear Reservation.

There are continued signs of tremendous problems in the economy.

A brief round up and some insightful comments:

Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed legislation today ending the CHIP program in Arizona, effectively tossing 47,000 low-income children off the insurance rolls and out of doctors’ offices.

As with the previous Great Depression, World War II and our wars, young people will pay the greatest price for these foolish policies.  Here is the article describing the mess in Arizona.

Bob Herbert has been sounding the alarm for years with thoughtful and carefully researched editorials.   He links the mess in Arizona with another state in which similar poorly thought out solutions are being pushed.

“In New Jersey, the newly elected governor, Chris Christie, has proposed a series of budget cuts that, among other things, would result in public schools receiving $820 million less in state aid than they had received in the prior school year. Some well-off districts would have their direct school aid cut off altogether. Poorer districts that rely almost entirely on state aid would absorb the biggest losses in terms of dollars. They’re bracing for a terrible hit.”

Here is the excellent editorial.

Defund public education and health care, a no-brainer in red states.  If possible,  link in anti-union rage and you have a perfect short-term solution leading to long term mess policy.   This is what the decline looks like for a first-world country.

As usual Frank Rich takes the broadly intelligent look and summarizes what is going on.  We are in a gilded age.

“What these voters crave are leaders unambiguously on the side of true fairness and accountability”

Here is the excellent editorial.

Meanwhile bank collapses are increasing.  There are 653 banks on an unofficial, but carefully calculated, list of Problem Banks.  Here is the excellent article and list.

Meanwhile the teevee and mainstream print media are wonderfully preoccupied with ignoring all of this, but hey, they have to sell their advertising time and play nice with the multi-national companies, which own them.

Then you have the wife of the Supreme Court justice who has set up a tea party lobbying group, in (can you guess where?) Washington DC, called  (wait for it…..) Liberty Central Incorporated, to push far-right political solutions.   I should say that this nutty radial-fringe group is pushing “anti hard-left agenda” solutions.  You know like that commie Social Security idea we read so much about.

Luckily, a recent decision by the (you know this one…) Supreme Court allows her “non-profit” group to receive millions in undisclosed donations from corporations.   Here is the LA Times news report link, which is very thorough and interesting. This crazy situation puts us all in uncharted waters.  Greed and the lust for power,  are wonderfully motivating. I look forward to the upcoming legal battles about these sorts of obvious conflict of interests.

Listening to the calamitous warnings (i.e. “the end of America as we know it”), it’s not that unreasonable to think that at some point one of the media mob leaders is going to suggest that life itself just is no longer worth living.

Here is the piece, it’s well researched. Growing up in a far-away red state corner I had heard this sort of non sense about every piece of progressive legislation.  Reagan had said that federal medical protection for senior citizens would “be the end of freedom in America”.

This editorial by Bob Herbert is important and inspiring. I strongly recommend carefully thinking about what he is saying.

At some point, we have to decide as a country that we just can’t have this: We can’t allow ourselves to remain silent as foaming-at-the-mouth protesters scream the vilest of epithets at members of Congress — epithets that The Times will not allow me to repeat here.

Does all this make you hungry?  Me too, just avoid the pink slime.

“The result, known by some in the industry as “pink slime,” is marketed widely to hamburger makers. The product has three selling points, from what I can tell: 1) it’s really, really cheap; 2) unlike conventional ground beef, which routinely carries E. coli, etc, pink slime is sterilized by the addition of ammonia; and 3) it’s so full of ammonia that it will kill pathogens in the ground beef it’s mixed with.”

Here is the post.

We live in interesting times.   I know where I stand.


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