Posted by: drgeophysics | March 14, 2010

Things to come

Greatest generation perspective.

I recently enjoyed watching “Things to Come”.

As I watched this amazing film  it occurred to me that the destroyers have been running our country for the shortest possible profit regardless of the long term costs for decades.  I’ve begun to think of these individuals and groups as the “Locust Generations”. History will record they have consumed and destroyed all those things other generations built.  Pointless waste and personal greed as a political and social imperative.

We will all pay the price.  Enjoy the movie, it’s a great one.

It is clear that the United States has seriously under invested in maintaining the resources constructed by the “Greatest Generation”.  In addition, the (lack of any meaningful) response to the obvious corruption within both the financial and regulatory (at both the state and federal) structures is striking.

Health care is going to eat up more and more of our income. We are going to have less and less for other things. We are going to have some huge disasters sooner or later caused by our failure to invest. Dams and bridges will break. Buildings will collapse. There are water mains that are 25 to 50 feet wide. There will be huge infrastructure disasters. Our intellectual resources are in decline. We are failing to educate young people and instill in them rigor. We are going to continue to pour money into the military. I think it is possible, I do not say it is probable, that we will have a revolution, a civil war that will see the end of the United States of America.

Here is a dark view of the future.

Something you really never hear on teevee;  intelligent and insightful conversation: wonderful!

So how bad can this be?  By my estimate we have underfunded critical activities by 300% over the last 20 years.  In addition, by out sourcing essentially everything, military airlift and transport in Afganistan and Iraq, creation of emergency services maps, etc., our governmental system is now much less efficient.    The lack of financial reform, after what Paul Krugman calls the “second worst financial failure in human history” is breathtaking.   Here is a post.

How could this be?

I think it is important that we honor US Grant on our currency.  Here is an excellent blog that explains why. Although associated with an utterly corrupt political party following his military career, he was a good and honorable man.  The first addition of his excellent two volume autobiography and a book he wrote describing his world travels are on my bookcase in my study.

I hope you enjoyed international PI day (as in the number 3.14…..) as much as I did.


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