Posted by: drgeophysics | March 8, 2010

Sound of seismic

Three component record of Haiti Earthquake

In reviewing information regarding some recent earthquakes I’ve found some very cool sites.

The Sound of Seismic.

Listening to Earthquakes.

A nice lecture on seismic deformation, very high quality and brief.

Need more information?  This is an excellent and easily understood explanation.

Still interested in more information?  Here is an entire book’s worth, great text and pictures.

I have also been receiving some phone calls, which basically ask if earthquakes recently are related to Mayan Endtimes and 2012.

The Answer is No; get serious!  Numerous studies have shown no increase in earthquake numbers during the time period accurate and modern seismographs have been recording global seismic activity.  The geohazards posted by earthquakes (structural damage, associated landslides, and tsunami activity) are increasing because of increased population and population density.   Remember that geologic hazards are the combination of the natural earth system and population.

In fact, almost all these geohazards are predictable with respect to magnitude and location, but not predictable accurately  in time.  Planners do not like hearing, this earthquake could occur sometime in the next 20 years. We know approximately the magnitude of the event, the spatial extent, the type of event, but not the day/month/year it will occur.   The earthquake that keeps me awake sometimes is the overdue magnitude 8 Tokyo Bay event.

Some nice tools, include EDT (ElastoDynamics Toolbox for MATLAB found here),  Wiki description of seismic wavesWiki description of Rayleigh waves (a type of surface wave)the excellent Michigan Tech seismic web page,  and many other pages.


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