Posted by: drgeophysics | February 16, 2010

Vampire squid another potential casuality of global climate change.

A fascinating presentation of a newly discovered form of life, present on earth for the last 300 million years.   The beauty of our planet is overwhelming, please watch this video.

Here is the story relating to the vampire squid, which lives deep beneath the oceans.

Please take some time and carefully consider the following: Ocean Acidification.  Here is the wiki page.

On thing to recall while reviewing the wiki page is that previous changes of CO2 concentrations occurred at rates about 1/10,000 of the rate of change today.  That is they were much, much  slower than humans are changing the atmospheric composition today. We are changing the atmospheric levels of CO2 about 10,000 times faster than nature does.  The feedbacks described in the wiki page are thus not well understood given the enormously fast rate of global atmospheric CO2 buildup.

If the oceans become sick we, as a species, and our planet, are in great danger.  This should be a central point in discussions of climate change but is broadly ignored by government, media and business.  For additional information check this web site.


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