Posted by: drgeophysics | January 8, 2010

Our present Great Depression.

The recent economic statistics, largely unreported, are very negative

Some important economic statistics have been presented by the genius squad at CalculatedRisk (check the links on the left, or specific links to their blogs at the end of this).  I knew these numbers would be bad, but was shocked.

Long term employment is off-the-charts.

From CalculatedRisk

From CalculatedRisk, the present Great Depression has no comparison in recent times.

There was a terribly sad article in the New York Times that highlighted the human toll of such long-term unemployment.   The trauma of joblessness in the United States is reported here.

This change in unemployment had been covered in blogs, such as this one for monthsimport.

The lack of the general media (e.g. the echo chamber)  to cover this important story, realistically and in-depth, is a crime.

Calculated Risk has consistently compared our present Great Depression with the previous economic downturns, this latest comparison is shown below and is off-scale, especially if one considers the possibility that we are partially into a “double dip” downturn.

From Calculated Risk

The key question is if we are in a W or double dip path.   I’m not sure but very worried and watching these statistics closely.  This is much more than the “null decade” it’s the criminal party controlling government.

Here is the link to the excellent CalculatedRisk long term unemployment blog.

Here is a link to the excellent CalculatedRisk comparison of economic downturns blog.

Given the train wreak that California has become, set off by the realization that the Republican party would never be a majority party in that state and the scramble to “game the system” so a majority was never needed, it’s not surprising that conservatives in Texas want to set up the same permanent minority rule for their state.   Here is the story.    The party is realizing permanent minority status has arrived with these continuing bad economic news.

The long predicted collapse of biodiesel has begun, another road to no where.


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