Posted by: drgeophysics | November 11, 2009

News report — Edited for wing nuts.

Why accuracy is important.

Accurate reporting is the foundation of our political system.

FOX news was caught, surprise, editing and mixing news clips in a fundamentally dishonest way.   Why people put up with nonsense is beyond me.    What is the role of the media?  This sort of dishonesty in reporting is happening constantly.   There are so many examples.  One was analyzed in detail by Glenn Greenwald recently.

Glenn explains what is happening in the media:

But the U.S. media’s willingness to mindlessly apply the term “terrorist” in exactly the subjective, self-serving way the U.S. Government dictates — starkly contrasted with their refusal to use the far more objective term “torture” on the ground that the term is in dispute (i.e., disputed by the U.S. Government torturers) — illustrates the establishment media’s principal function:  to serve American political power and justify whatever our government does.

Here is his piece, it’s important.

The Daily Show puts parts of it together, this is crazy, but well considered.

South Park does a great job at showing how stupid the airbags are, as only South Park can.



  1. Almost all the mainstream media today have indulged in floating seemingly random or unconnected video under the narration of the news. Usually, it’s obvious enough that it’s not real footage of the event in play. FOX just took it to the next logical step; including video footage of the way it should have looked.

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