Posted by: drgeophysics | October 7, 2009

Download this book and read it: Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization.


Plan B can help your planet.

You must admit the title gets one’s attention, apparently Plan A was a no-go.

Please download the PDF and review it, it’s an important and interesting book.  The unselfish sharing of information is what our species can do, when we do our best.

The Oil Drum article about the new book can be read here.

Follow this link to the table of contents website.

Here is a link to the entire book in PDF format.

The challenge for scientists and those interested in education is communication.  Check this book for interesting insights.

Watch these videos about communication related to talking about global climate change, they are excellent. Wow, from 100 to 7.5 million views–you go Greg.


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