Posted by: drgeophysics | September 7, 2009

Battle of the Uber Washington Lobby Groups

Various energy groups are in a rather heated battle to write legislation that will be passed by our elected officials (probably assigning staff to actually read the bills).  Happily the staff who read the bills, because the officials are too busy doing what ever they do (raising money for their next election), can then be hired by the lobbying groups.  It’s a wonderful system.

(Aside: Be sure to read last month’s Rolling Stone describing the battle for Health Care reform in the United States for a nice description of how it all works. )

The super majors have essentially signed onto some sort of cap and trade for carbon emissions.  The two groups that are now fighting it out are natural gas and coal producers.  Lots of fun, how is this playing out?

Here is a quote:

The gas industry’s leaders say they will descend on Capitol Hill in coming weeks to press their case about the advantage of gas, including that it emits about half the greenhouse gases as coal.

The industry has formed a new lobbying group, and it is planning a national campaign that includes television advertising. Executives want fewer allowances for coal. They also want legislation that gives incentives for companies to convert truck fleets from diesel to natural gas.

Here is the New York Times article.

Natural gas has had a rather bad time of it lately.  You may not know that Enron‘s original name was the Northern Natural Gas Company. We all know what happened to Enron. They got exactly what they wanted and ruined themselves and everyone around their world.  Total self inflicted system failure.

Writing laws in this way has significantly hurt our nation.  California is the perfect example of what not to do with respect to corporate-written laws that no thinking individual carefully reviews and are dishonestly presented to the public.  Here is a time line showing the collapse of public utilities in California.

Here is a link to the PBS FrontLine program

Blackout. What caused the power crisis in California? and who’s profiting?

Here are a series of special reports from the New York Times.

The point is that we headed down the same road now, with respect to any energy or climate related legislation.   Because the media is an essentially dishonest, corporate owned, echo chamber, don’t expect any accurate reporting on these important issues.

These issues will become highly critical to our nation, it’s a pity the sort of nonsense described in the New York Times and Rolling Stone articles is the  definition of our political system.


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