Posted by: drgeophysics | August 10, 2009

Qi hu nan xia 骑虎难下

This is a great piece, it reflects my feelings.

They have been riding the tiger for over 50 years now —

— visceral Republican opposition to FDR, to whom they referred as “that man”
— absolute opposition to the 40-hour work week, the Marshall Plan, and anything else FDR or Truman proposed
— the stupid “who lost China” question in the early 1950’s
— Joe McCarthy and his lists of commies in the guvmint
— Nixon’s red-baiting that won him a seat in Congress
— Nixon’s “southern strategy” that filled the Republican Party with Jim Crow Southerners
— Ronald Reagan announcing his candidacy in Philadelphia, MS
— George Bush II and his “axis of evil,” “if you’re not for us you’re against us”
— the alliance between Republicans and the NRA, the “religious right,” and the hate-mongers on talk radio and Fox
— hate, hate, hate, fear, fear, fear
— demonize everyone who has a different idea, who looks different, who talks different, who acts different

The old redneck wrote a great piece, here is the link. I agree, the republican party is over, there is nothing left. We are at a time, as when the Whigs fell to pieces, that is unique in our lifetimes. We have much work and many challenges ahead.


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