Posted by: drgeophysics | August 8, 2009

The plot against America.

The country is evolving and it is changing.    We now have a corporately funded group that is working to eliminate the freedom to meet and discuss issues.  Their goal, which had worked in the past, is intimidation, disruption, and lawlessness.  They oppose this freedom and will attempt to destroy those who support it.  They are a threat to our country and way of life.

This is worth fighting for.

This is worth fighting for.

There are some who would call the men shown below by a variety of  inaccurate, and untrue adjectives.  While not perfect by any measure, these were great men who saved democracy and built the best parts of our country.


Recently there has been an increasing amount of violence on the far-right (there is no middle right, the party itself has cleansed and removed these people from their ranks).  But this group will destroy our history and our country.  This group is a fundamental danger to our way of life, there is no other way to state it.

Sara Robinson, on Dave Neiwert’s blog, has an important post (the first of a series), read this, it’s an important piece.

Here is the second part of Sara Robinson’s post.

I have been following the corporations that have supported the lawlessness at townhall meetings and encourage you to stop all purchasing from these companies immediately.  They have no place in America.  Here is SEIU’s response. Here was the response from these corporate-funded thugs. Here are the people behind these fake astroturf groups.

How fake are these people, how much will they lie?  Check this link, very fake, they will lie, they are defined by their ability to lie, it’s central to their party and it’s just what they do.

If you are associated with an individual like this, what is your goal?  Shutting down democracy?  What does that make you, exactly?

There was an interesting interview about these brownshirt/blackshirt thug and intimidation tactics, reflective of a third-world country, being used in the United States to stop democracy.

Schaefer: Yes I do. In fact, this rings a big bell with me, because my dad, who was a right-wing evangelical leader, wrote a book called A Christian Manifesto — it sold over a million copies. And in that book he compared anyone who was pro-abortion to the Nazi Germans, and he said that using violence or force to overthrow Nazi Germany would have been appropriate for Christians, including the assassination of Hitler. He compared the Supreme Court’s actions on abortion to that. And that has been a note that has been following the right wing movement that my father and I helped start in an evangelical context all the way.

So what’s really being said here is two messages. There is the message to the predominantly white, middle-aged crowds of people screaming at these meetings, trying to shut them down, but there’s also a coded message to what I would call the loony tunes — the fruit loops on the side. It’s really like playing Russian Roulette — you put a cartridge in the chamber, you spin, and once in awhile it goes off.

And we saw that happen with Dr. Tiller, we’ve seen it happen numerous times with the violence against political leaders, whether it’s Martin Luther King or whoever it might be. We have a history of being a well-armed, violent country. And so really, I think that these calls are incredibly irresponsible.

The good news is that it shows a desperation. The far right knows they have lost, they’ve lost the hearts and minds of most American people, for instance, who want health care. But they also know that they have a large group of people who are not well-informed, who listen to only their own sources, who buy the lies — for instance, all this nonsense about euthanasia being mandatory, and all the rest of it. And these people can be energized to go out and do really dreadful things.

And we’ve seen it in front of abortion clinics, I’m afraid we’re going to see it with some of our political leaders. And the Glenn Becks of this world literally are responsible for unleashing what I regard as an anti-democratic, anti-American movement in this country. It is trying to shut down legitimate debate, and replace it with straight-out intimidation.

Jump to this link and watch the entire clip.

Happily the country has made it’s choice and we will win.  These are, and will be, the most important elections in our life time.  Keep up the good work.   Standing united against these thugs and nothing is impossible.

Enjoy the clip below, it’s an intelligent conversation with a shill.

“You lie to America about the evils of government-run health care because you people, not one of you liars about government health care is willing to repeal Medicare, to stand up and be consistent… ‘I hate government health care so I want to repeal Medicare’… That is a lie that you perpetrate every day.”


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