Posted by: drgeophysics | August 3, 2009

The strength of modern buildings.

Modern multi-story buildings are over engineered for strength. The degree to which this is true is shown by this botched building implosion from Turkey. It’s worth noting that older buildings, such as those without floor penetrating structural steel, are quite dangerous. Turkey was hit very hard by building collapse suffered during an earthquake about 10 years ago. Most of the destroyed buildings had been built illegally without conforming to the strict building code for modern construction in Turkey, or were older structures.

Sorry to the dumb aspects of this clip, they have to make money you know. What, exactly,  does the  babble by the pretty people add to this story? This is the same low quality reporting given by our profit hungry media regarding Iraq, WMDs, the economy, water quality, national wiretapping, Anthrax terrorism, energy security and, of course,  the NBC/MSNBC/CNN/FOX/ABC/CBS/NPR  networks utilizing and highlighting people paid for lobbying as “news advisors”, without bothering to note that fact or obvious conflict of interest. It worked out well for the New York Times, their journalists reported this obvious conflict and dishonesty and won outstanding journalism awards.

This clip shows the tremendous strength of modern construction.

Here is the clip.


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